Verizon Kin is Really Dead This Time

Window’s Phone Central has obtained a Verizon internal memo that clearly states the Kin Studio is officially closing, and despite rumors of a resurrection it’s dead, gone, and over with on January 31, 2011.

The Kin One and Kin Two were exclusive to the Verizon Wireless network and social media intensive with a focus on a user between the ages of 15-25.  The Microsoft Kin hardware was made by Sharp electronics and featured a microsoft branded website called the “Kin Studio” through basically locked down social media integration the users could upload media from their Kin device to the Kin studio website to edit and share with family and friends via Kin Studio and the social networks site.

We actually tested both Kin devices for about a month and while we recognized the ease somem might find with the social media tools the process was cumbersome.  The locked down nature of the phone and OS made it similar to Motoblur if it was just stuck permanently and locked ontop of Android on any of their devices.

The Kin introduced in April to the public was riding off into the sunset by the end of June making it one of the shortest lived devices in history.  Rumors about a month ago said Verizon was bringing it back but perhaps just to close out their remaining inventory.  Now, we hear via the internal memo that the Kin Studio site will be closed at the end of January.

Once the website goes down the two Kin devices will only be able to make phone calls and play music.  Just like Qualcomm has done with the failed FLO TV project, Verizon is allowing all Kin customers to trade their Kin in for a 3G Smartphone of their choice. That offer is available until March 31, 2011.

Early on the NDP analyst firm, said that in order for Kin to survive the pricing had to be inline with the service they are offering and to the target marketing.  The pricing was WAY off.

Microsoft recently released the Windows Phone 7 platform but has been mum on early numbers of sales across carriers.  One time CEO of Apple, John Sculley says “Microsoft gets it right… the third time” Windows Phone 7 is their second attempt at re-entering the mobile space…

Source: Windows Phone Central

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