Verizon HTC Droid DNA is almost confirmed

It was not too long ago since we saw the first leak of the Verizon HTC Droid DNA on the internet. We have seen leaked images and also a few rumors that say the smart phone will be coming to the United States of America on Verizon very soon. The smart phone was first released in Japan as the HTC J Butterfly by the company and was given the impression that the smart phone would not come to any other parts of the world, any time soon.

There was an instance, just a few days back, of the name of the smart phone showing up on Verizon’s website. But it was soon taken down by the Big Red. But now that the name has appeared the wireless carrier’s website for the second time, we can be sure that the company is trying to bring the awesome smart phone into the United States pretty soon.

The HTC Droid DNA, or the HTC J Butterfly, has a beautiful 5 inch smart phone with a full HD resolution that is a 1080p display. Just a couple of years back, most people thought that this resolution would just remain on the TVs. But today, we have a full HD display on smart phone which fit comfortably (almost) in our jeans pockets.

The Taiwanese smart phone giant may be trying to compete with other smart phone manufacturers in the Android ecosystem which deliver kind of phablet devices (smart phone plus tablet) to the market, these would be Samsung and LG as both have five inches or more screen devices.

But till now, the wireless carrier has not made the smart phone official. So we have no idea about the price of the device, or the date on which it might be announced. But the guess is that Verizon may announce the device a week before Thanks Giving, so that it could see really good sales.

Source: Ubergizmo