Verizon HTC 8X Users Receiving WP8 Portico Update


If you reside in the U.S, you’re fully aware of how carriers deal with their users. The country’s largest carrier, Verizon, is also the country’s slowest in a way when it comes to update roll outs. We’ve seen this recently with plenty of devices, which despite being capable smartphones, have had to wait for an eternity to get the update it deserved. But things aren’t the same with its Windows Phone lineup as the carrier seems to have begun rolling out the Windows Phone Portico update to its lineup of devices, including the HTC 8X. It’s commendable that a carrier which has been constantly blamed for being slow with update roll outs sends an update as soon as Microsoft began rolling out Portico update on a global scale, although the update has been around for a while now. Some users of the Verizon HTC 8X have apparently reported receiving the said update, which is good news for people on the carrier. However, it appears as if this is still a slow and partial rollout of the update, so not all devices will get the update at once. What’s strange though is that Verizon’s official page claims that the update is coming soon, so it’s possible that this happened by mistake.

Post this update, users will see the following version of the OS – 8.0.10211. Unfortunately for now, it appears as if this is a HTC only update from Verizon, as we’re hearing no reports of the Nokia Lumia 822 smartphones receiving the update, but the time is nigh we think. However, considering the kind of history the company has had, we won’t be surprised if the update is delayed without notice. I completely fail to understand as to why it could take so long for Verizon to update its devices when Microsoft has rolled it out to all its partners. In fact, the HTC 8S was the first to receive the Portico update back a couple of months ago. So I guess Verizon is still late when it comes to rolling out updates. It must be noted though that the new wave of the Portico update went live only a couple of days ago.

So if you’re wondering what’s new with the update, let me assure you, it’s everything you’ve wished for. First and foremost, the smartphones will now have continuous Wi-Fi connectivity even when the phone is locked, the ability to select MP3 files as ringtones, SMS call reject and a new Wi-Fi hotspot finder feature is on board too. So all in all, this is the most important update Windows Phone 8 has seen so far, and it would go a long way in making WP8 less of a pain for the users. Global versions of smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 920, 820 etc seem to be already running on Portico, so this news shouldn’t matter much to them. As for VZW Windows Phone 8 device owners, this will hopefully be the start of a much improved software support in the future.

Have you been lucky enough to receive the update on your Verizon branded Windows Phone 8 device? Sound off in the comments below. But if you’re one of those legacy Windows Phone 7 device owners, I suggest you try out this tutorial to get Windows Phone 7.8 running on your device.

Source: WP Central
Via: Phone Arena