Verizon Drops Price of Galaxy Tab to $499

Verizon has officially dropped the price of the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab from $599 to $499 at it’s corporate owned retail stores. had the price card picture sent into them by one of their readers. In addition to the savings of $100, new buyers will receive $60 worth of download credits for the Samsung Media Hub store to purchase videos, movies and music.

Verizon Wireless stores currently sell the Apple iPad wifi version with a mifi wireless hotspot.  They are also expected to carry the new Apple iPad 2 when it hits this spring. Of course we also know the Motorola Xoom, Honeycomb tablet will hit Verizon shelves soon after it is officially unveiled at CES this week.

It’s also been reported that if you paid $599 for the Galaxy Tab within the past 14 days, you need to head back to the corporate store you purchased it at and get your $100 back.

Source: Droid Life

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  1. Who cares! First, it’s verizon, and second it’s only a tablet and an Android OS that is made for pocket devices. There are so many limitations to that platform, although not as much as the ipad, that it’s not worth the frustration. I’m typing this on my Inspiron Duo using the physical keyboard because on-screen keyboards suck.. I happened upon this sad page by mistake while in tablet mode and figured I’d post something since you like it short and sweet. Off to tablet mode again to read more junk.

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