Verizon Advertising Deparment Botches Up Samsung Continuum

What’s going on with Verizon’s advertising agency. First they photoshop Google maps for iPhone into a Droid X advertisement, today we see a mock up of a Samsung Continuum, or wait is this a new Samsung device.

If you look carefully at the Continuum ad above you’ll notice that the ticker is missing. The ticker is the biggest part of the Samsung Continuum in fact there was a press event and Samsung rang the closing bell at Nasdaq the day the Continuum was announced.¬† In addition to the ticker the capacitive buttons at the bottom of the phone are missing.

Sure this may be a small little detail to the millions who would see this ad however if someone told a friend about the phone with the ticker, the phone pictured is clearly not it. As with the iPhone OS on Droid X, the ticker ad has quickly been fixed. Perhaps Verizon should send their advertising out to sites like Androidcentral and Engadget for proofreading before taking it live.

Source: Androidcentral

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