Users will only get 23GB of accessible storage on the 32GB Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

We’ve heard enough about the Samsung Galaxy S6 to convince us of its true potential. However, a new report suggests that the storage on the entry level model might not be as endorsed. The 32GB Galaxy S6, which is the base model of the series, will reportedly have only 23GB of user accessible storage.

This means that the¬†users will have very limited space out of the box for their content like movies, images, music etc. While it’s not unusual for devices to take up a lot of space, we’re guessing the TouchWiz UI layer here is taking up the bulk of the space. This was the case with last year’s Galaxy S5 as well, but it wasn’t a big concern as the handset came with a microSD card slot. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S6 doesn’t have that luxury, so 23GB is all the users have access to.

It seems like the other two variants of the smartphone will be a better bet if you’re looking to have a lot of storage on your device. The 64GB version is said to have 55GB of usable storage while the 128GB model reportedly has 119GB of user accessible storage, which makes the 128GB version the best option. We must point out here that most OEM branded smartphones take up the same amount of space for OS and other UI features, so it’s nothing new in the mobile industry.

Via: Sam Mobile