Users will get access to Google Now notifications from the desktop version of Chrome

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Google is bringing an update to the desktop version of the Chrome browser with the ability to view Google Now notifications. This means that you can track current events, check the weather or see which of your favorite sports teams are playing right within your browser on the computer.

The update is rolling out gradually and could take a while to reach the entirety of the Chrome users, but Google assures that it’s on its way. Users will not have to do anything out of the ordinary after the update as everything takes care of itself once it goes live.

The browser will provide details based on the Google account you’ve used to sign into Chrome. Like you can see from the screenshot above, it won’t be too flashy or come in the way of your existing tabs. It will merely be a dropdown menu which can be seen at any convenient time.

This is a nifty addition to millions of Chrome users around the world who also rely on Google Now for information on current events and several other important data.

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3 Replies to “Users will get access to Google Now notifications from the desktop version of Chrome”

  1. And been using Chrome since it was launched in 2008 and I’ve been impressed by its edge over other browsers like IE and Firefox.
    This update should be another big hit for other Chrome users for sure.

  2. Awesome! I’ll not have to take out my phone to check scores, or weather. This is an awesome feature.

  3. Will the tab be moveable? I ask because I know some people like to run plug-ins that move their tabs into the sides rather than on top or bottom.

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