User Agent Profile Shows More Info On Rumored Samsung Device

A certain Samsung device has surfaced once again. If you remember from last month, there was a mention of a fairly mysterious Samsung GT-i9260, which was supposed to be and originally believed to be a successor to the current Galaxy Nexus handset. That isn’t likely to happen right now, but what is likely is a possible enhanced version of the current Galaxy Nexus or even possibly the Galaxy Premier handset. I personally think the most likely is the latter of the two. A leak originally revealed some major specs that were supposedly going to be included in the rumored device. We were expecting to see a A9-based dual core processor, an 8 mega pixel camera, along with the addition of a SD Card slot. Oh, and now we’ve seen a User Agent Profile that has leaked even more details about the new handset.

According to this User Agent Profile, the new rumored Samsung handset (GT-i9260) will be boasting a resolution of 1280 x 720, which is very close to what the Galaxy Nexus currently has. What is rather unusual with this is that the processor listed is being identified as the “ARM11” unit, which could very likely stand for ARM’s Cortex-A11 processor. This is likely mainly because the original ARM11 processor powered the original Android smartphone. Whatever the case, this new processor is expected to be clocked higher and also just be an overall faster processor than what is found in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset.

With all of that said,this could very possible be a Galaxy Nexus reboot, or it could also possible by a new Galaxy Premier handset, which I feel is the most likely case. Still, there were quite a few new Nexus handsets rumored to be releasing on Android’s birthday, which is coming up pretty soon here. That said, I wouldn’t put it past Samsung if this handset was one of the many leaks we will be seeing of the upcoming Nexus handsets. That is personally my own speculation, so I could be entirely wrong there. Whatever the case, now that we have an official User Agent Profile, it shouldn’t be very long before some additional details on this new handset begin releasing. In fact, I would guess about 1 to 2 week from now we will be seeing some more solid information on the handset.

Is anyone excited to see this new Samsung device surface with additional details? It shouldn’t be very long before we see some new news on this, but we should take with a fairly large grain of salt. They are all rumors after all, and should be treated as such. Still, a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus device would be something really awesome to see, so would a Galaxy Premier. I’m really not sure which one I would rather see, but I am leaning towards a new Nexus handset by Samsung.

Guess we’ll all just have to be patient as we wait for more news.

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