Use Your Voice To Send And Receive Text Mesages With This Android App: Sonalight

Yesterday was demo day for the Ycombinator winter class. For those not familiar Ycombinator is a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley, one of the most prestigious ones at that.

Y-Combinator company Sonalight showed off a new Android app that let’s you send and receive text messages using your voice. Yes we know this space in the Android world is crowded, Yes we know that voice commands for Android have been around a lot longer than Apple’s Siri, but of course we always appreciate a good attempt. After watching their video you may agree that this is one of the best attempts thus far.

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With more and more municipalities cracking down on cellphone use in the car, it’s apps like Sonalight that we are going to be relying on in the future.

But like we said (and maybe no one told Sonalight) the voice activated space in Android is a very crowded one. In order to take advantage of the idea to make the next, bestest Siri for Android you really need to do something innovative like the ex-Googler (xoogler) that founded Alohar. (story here). This company is using voice, atmospheric conditions, temperature, gestures, gps, and other sensors for an over the top assistant app… Now that’s freaking cool.

source: TNW