Urban Airship Flying High With New Funding

Urban Airship, an industry leading provider of push notifications for Android app developers, announced on Sunday that they’ve just completed a major round of funding. They raised $15.1 million dollars in Series C funding to help both brands and developers create the next wave of cutting edge mobile apps.

Leading the round was Salesforce.com, Verizon the Foundry Group and True Ventures. Both Salesforce and Verizon Wireless can greatly benefit from Urban Airships work in the push notification field.

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The latest round of funding isn’t limited to just push notifications. Through Urban Airships acquisition of SimpleGEO last week, Urban Airship combines their existing mobile expertise with SimpleGEO’s own push notifications, in app purchasing, subscriptions, context and geo location together in a single platform.

Urban Airship’s CEO Scott Kveton is looking to integrate all the aspects that go into a great quality mobile app, rather than having developers rely on different partners for each aspect of their app. Kveton said

“Companies should not have to rely on a fragmented and unwieldy mix of tools that only deliver part ofwhat is needed to understand how people are interacting with their brand onmobile,” Kveton went on to say “We’ve been working with SimpleGeo for months now and knew that putting the two companies together would create a powerhouse as a one-stop-shop for developers and marketers to build, monetize and measure the success of their apps in the ecosystem.”

The SimpleGEO transaction along with this new round of funding are helping Kveton and the Urban Airship pilots get to those goals and help both brands and developers with a complete turn key package