Updated GPU binaries found for Galaxy Nexus, should help custom Android 4.4 development

Galaxy Nexus

Google said no to updating the Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.4 KitKat, and custom KitKat ROMs cooked up by the community presented numerous graphical issues. Well, while Google’s stance on the situation might never change, even with users sending the search giant a duly signed petition, but those graphical issues could soon be a thing of the past, as updated GPU binaries have been found for the device.

Texas Instruments (TI), maker of the OMAP chipset powering the Galaxy Nexus, left the mobile scene sometime back, and the lack of updated platform files was the biggest obstacle in officially updating the handset to Android 4.4. However, it looks like TI – and Imagination Technologies, manufacturer of the PowerVR SGX GPU – did leave a more updated version of some of the needed hardware binaries, which developers should be able to merge into the kernel files to improve performance on the custom Android 4.4 ROMs, and perhaps on ROMs based on future Android versions as well.

For anyone depending on the developer community to keep their Galaxy Nexus alive and kicking past the official support period, this is great news. Again, Google will probably still flaunt the 18-month support period as an excuse, but hey, life isn’t always fair, is it?


Source: XDA