Unreleased Asus PadFone Mini Makes First Benchmarking Rounds with Quad-Core SoC and Android 4.3

They say strong essences are kept in small bottles, and, though the mobile tech big kahunas have different views on what exactly is small and big nowadays, it’s crystal clear a new era is approaching. In other words, brace yourselves, as the “Minis” are preparing to take over the world.


It all started with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 mini, followed swiftly by HTC’s One mini, and then the Sony Xperia Z1 f, aka Z1 mini or Z1S. There’s even a ZTE Nubia Z5 mini out and about, albeit the Chinese don’t seem very keen on rolling it out globally.

Who’s next? Why, Asus, of course. Only we know very well the Taiwanese like to keep things fresh all the time and would not be caught dead in following someone else’s strategy to the letter. So instead of simply introducing yet another diminutive 4 to 4.3-inch phone, Asus is said to be working on a watered down version of its 2-in-1 PadFone hybrid, capable of seamlessly turning from a 4-inch handheld to a 7-inch tab.

Teased for the first time back in August and subsequently confirmed by Asus CEO Jerry Shen, the PadFone mini is finally getting some specifics, courtesy of a short GFX Bench visit.

The notorious benchmarking website’s database shows the PadFone mini carrying the enigmatic T00C codename, but since the screen is listed as a 960 x 540 pix res one, there’s no doubt we’re looking at the phone part of the upcoming half-breed.

Asus T00C

Now I know, that resolution doesn’t sound sizzling hot. Yet if previous rumors pan out and the display will only measure 4 inches in diagonal, the resulting pixel density will be 275 ppi or so. Light years behind HTC One mini’s 342, but mildly better than GS4 mini’s 256 ppi.

Moving on, there appears to be a CPU clocked at 1.4 GHz beneath the hood, which again sounds like a bummer, but again it’s not so bad all in all, as it likely boasts four cores (namely Qualcomm’s MSM8226 Snapdragon 400), being paired with an Adreno 305. And probably with 1 gig of RAM.

Software? Everything’s fine and dandy there, with pre-loaded Android 4.3 Jelly Bean making the user experience silky smooth. Now let’s see what Asus has planned for the 7-inch slate part of the hybrid and, most of all, what’s the price range we’re looking at.

That’s the big make-or-break element, mind you, because let’s face it. The “full-sized” PadFone has always looked like a nifty concept, but a darn expensive one.

Via [GFX Bench]