Unofficial BlackBerry 10 advert

BlackBerry is back with a bang. The company officially announced two new Blackberry 10 devices, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 on January 30th. For the past few weeks, BlackBerry has generated a lot of buzz. It is being talked about on Twitter a lot, and we have been posting about BlackBerry devices too.

Now that BlackBerry Z10 is launched, you would be expecting some promotional advertisements from the company, and they will be getting at that soon. In the meantime, folks at Pixelcarve, a Toronto-based design shop, have created an unofficial video which looks like a commercial and speaks about the comeback of BlackBerry brand. The video is embedded below:

As you can see, the company is just helping BlackBerry re-ignite the brand, and they hope this unofficial video will surely help in the process. It’s pretty evident that the video is a low budget project and is made using images and video already produced and composed the story and message behind all of it. The video highlights how components from QNX and The Astonishing Tribe are used in BlackBerry 10 platform.

BlackBerry 10 platform is completely re-engineered and re-designed platform that has been made with the help of all the companies that BlackBerry acquired previously. The platform has received mixed responses from critics. The BlackBerry Z10 comes with a new OS, an all-new version of BBM, and a hub application where you can read messages from all the other messaging applications including email, sms, whatsapp and anything else. Those are some great improvements, but apparently the innovation wasn’t enough to flatter the industry experts.

BlackBerry World currently has over 70,000 apps right now. Now that’s a good number of apps to have on a platform that is all built from scratch. Apple Store has over 800k apps, whereas the Play Store has over 700k apps. BlackBerry is surely far behind, and according to the experts, the selection of apps aren’t all that great. Out of the 70k apps in BlackBerry World right now, 40% are repackaged apps from Android platform, thanks to the port-a-thon events that gave the developers a good amount of cash to motivate them to port their Android apps into BlackBerry 10 platform. 40% of 70k is like 28,000 apps, which is an alarming figure, and I hope developers have made sure that their apps function properly on BB10 before submitting.

Other highlighted negatives would be the lack of YouTube app. YouTube is one of the most used services on the Internet, and all the major platforms have a Youtube app, but it’s missing on BB10. Apart from that, BB10 devices cannot be used as mass storage devices like Android. Since the Z10 is being targeted towards consumers, it should have had that feature at least.

The positives of Z10 would be the onscreen predictive text keyboard which is said to be superior than what’s available on Android and iOS devices. I personally like the build quality of Z10 and is overall a good phone, but it doesn’t stand out of the crowd though. What’s your thought?


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  1. It runs flash, so you can play YouTube videos directly from the browser. Only the iPhone needs an app since it doesn’t run flash.

  2. If a multitude of repetitive and mostly superfluous apps are what you need, then by all means, buy an iPhone. If you like running with the crowd or you’re too lame to resist the carrier’s salesgoon, you’ll be sporting another Android post haste. And if you love a tutti-fruitti, Spumonti-flavored phone repleat with trippy little busy tiles, by all means get a Windows Phone.

    But, if you want a business tool that you can handle without feeling like a giggly teenager, you should get a Blackberry Q10 or Z10.

    It has all the apps you need to be the adult in the room

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