Unlocked Sony Xperia Arcs On Sale From Sony

The Sony Xperia Arc was announced at CTIA back in March.  We’ve seen it cross the desk at the FCC with the appropriate bands for AT&T and Rogers.  Other than that we haven’t heard a lot about it until now. It seems you can order the Sony Xperia Arc on the Sony website.  There’s no word on whether it’s available at Sony stores though.

The Sony Xperia Arc features an incredibly crisp and clean display that measures 4.2 inches and is powered by the same Bravia engine found in Sony televisions. It’s hard to tell in the video but the display is very sharp.

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The Xperia Arc features an HDMI out that can be directly linked to your HDMI enabled television and swapped in “hot”.  However if you’re on the go, viewing pics, videos and movies is a very pleasant experience on this screen. The Sony Xperia Arc also features an 8.1mp camera that records in full HD.  The camera features the Sony Exmor R for mobile CMOS sensor for taking great pictures and video even in low light.

Sony Ericsson minimized the impact of their custom UI with this Xperia device. Instead of completely taking over the Android experience as they did with the original Xperia’s, in the Xperia Arc it enhances the Gingerbread experience. The Sony Xperia Arc features a horizontal app drawer which can be sorted through alphabetically or chronologically by installation date. It also features some of the more popular widgets from last years line.  The Sony Xperia Arc also has a feature where you can pinch in the home screen and it will quickly bring all of your active widgets front and center.  Clicking on the widget itself will take you to the page that has that widget on it.

source: Pocketnow