Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II Available At NewEgg

The most sought after phone this year has got to be the Samsung Galaxy S II. Although the T-Mobile version has clearly appeared in pictures, and every other carriers variant has been rumored, it’s still not here stateside.

If you can’t wait you can get it unlocked now. NewEgg Canada is carrying the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II that works with both T-Mobile and AT&T for just $649 which is a really great price considering what you’re getting. Unwired reports that if you get the Samsung Galaxy S II unlocked from NewEgg it will only support 3G on AT&T however it will support HSPA+ for T-Mobile.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is also available at Virgin and Bell in Canada. The United States is the last country to receive this device. There seem to be three possible scenarios for the delay.  The first is that the carriers are still having problems working on release specs and dates with Samsung Mobile.  The next theory is that Samsung wants to time this release closer to the iPhone 5 announcement and release.  Finally some feel this may stem from the continuing patent litigation going on between Apple and Samsung.

Source: Unwired