Unlocked Galaxy S4 And LG G2 Mini Are Cheap On eBay


Even though these devices may be from last year, they are still excellent buys. Today on eBay, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the LG G2 are just $350 and $250 unlocked today, respectively.

Since these are unlocked devices, you aren’t going to be tied to a certain carrier. But if you have a CDMA carrier like Verizon or Sprint, these devices won’t work on those networks.


For $350 for the Galaxy S4 unlocked, that’s a fantastic deal on a device that’s still getting updates for Android.  And the LG G2 for $250 is also a great deal. Will you take advantage of these deals?

Source: eBay (Galaxy S4), eBay (LG G2 Mini) via Droid Life