Unboxing Video And Review: Pantech Pocket On AT&T

If you’ve been following thedroidguy for a while than you know that I love unique phones. Although it didn’t do so well and we knocked it a bit, the Kyocera Echo was a phone that I thought was great because of it’s unique form factor. I also used a Droid Pro for the better part of a year as my main phone. Again, not a superphone, just at the time unique.

The same is the case here for the Pantech Pocket. When we first met with Pantech at CTIA in October in San Diego the thing that attracted me to this phone was it’s unique shape. Rather than a 4.3″ or 4.5″ rectangular shaped phone the Pantech Pocket is a 4 inch square phone.

The 4″ square display has a 4:3 aspect ratio making it great for consuming content. The resolution is 600×800 and it’s a capacitive multi touch display.¬† The square shape makes it perfect for movies, tv programs, playing games and GPS. The way the maps consume the screen in either AT&T Navigator or Google Maps, it feels like a stand alone GPS unit.

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The Pocket runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.¬† Pantech has done it’s own lock screen which is a unique wheel that lets you choose from phone, web, text, music, email or unlock. If you drag any of the app icons to the center of the screen it unlocks the device and sends you straight to that app. Dragging the unlock to the center of the screen brings you to a home screen.

Pantech has thrown in their own clock and calendar combined widget which gives you the current time and your upcoming calendar events. It also has the official Facebook and Twitter Android apps on board and puts the Facebook and Twitter widgets on one of the home screens for you.

There’s not much bloatware either. Pantech has added Kindle Reader and Google Books to the Pocket when it ships. They want you to consume content on the Pantech Pocket and e-reading is actually quite pleasurable. The size of the device makes it easy to read and the weight makes it easy to hold.

As far as cameras go, there is a 5 mega pixel camera on the rear, absent of the standard LED flash. The camera does however shoot 720p HD video. When we first saw the device in October we did talk about the fact that an 8 megapixel photo in the best mode is often times too big to send from your phone anyway and 5 mega pixels is the sweet spot as far as phone cameras and efficiency goes.

There’s 600mb of internal memory but the Pocket also ships with a 2gb microSD card. Of course the microSD slot can support up to 32gb.

The processor speed is unknown but we believe it’s 800mhz and of course its single core. This may keep die hard Android enthusiasts away from this phone however it’s $50 price point (with a new 2 year agreement) will likely attract a lot of folks to this unique Android device.

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