Unboxing: T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit B (Exhibit II 4G)

Okay so the Android journalist community is affectionately calling the T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit II 4G, Exhibit B, so we’ve joined in on that.

The Samsung Exibit II 4G is the follow up to the Exhibit 4G. While the Exhibit 4G wasn’t a monster smartphone by any stretch it was the first affordable mid-range Android device on America’s Largest 4G Network (T-Mobile).  The follow up though offers a twist for prepaid users out there.

Prepaid has seen a huge increase over the past few years. The prepaid user has changed as well. Although  prepaid used to be for people who felt they were uncredit worthy or didn’t want a credit check run, these days cost conscious consumers top the list of prepaid users.  In the past prepaid wireless meant a phone that had far subpar features than their postpaid counterparts. In 2011, not so much.  The T-Mobile, Samsung, Exhibit II 4G, reinforces that theory.

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The phone itself is solid, light and has a fast 1ghz processor. While dual core processors are faster and all the rage for Android enthusiasts, the 1ghz single core processor isn’t slow by any stretch of the imagination.  It’s powering Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is currently the latest commercially available version of Android.

The 3.7 inch WVGA tft touch screen displays pictures, graphics and the user interface, rather brightly and is easy to see in many light conditions. It’s not the same “pop” as a superAMOLED but it’s better than most entry level and midrange phones.

Onboard the Samsung Exhibit II 4G is a 3 mega pixel camera rear facing camera with an LED flash. The camera is more than adequate for taking those must needed pics on the go. It also shoots video. There is a vga front facing camera for video chatting over wifi, 3g or 4g via the preinstalled qik video app, gtalk with video or whatever video chat app you prefer.

The T-Mobile bonus apps widget lets you know what T-Mobile has installed on the device for you. Some of those bonus apps include Zinio reader for all your favorite e-magazines, Yelp to scope out the best places to eat and Slacker radio so you can listen to TDGN.

For $199 you can buy the Samsung Exhibit II 4G outright and put it on a T-Mobile prepaid plan. You can get it at Walmart right off the shelf cash and carry. You can also go into any T-Mobile store (starting November 2nd) and put the Samsung Exhibit II 4G on a post paid plan. If you qualify it will only set you back $29.99 after a $50 mail in rebate debit card.

Overall the Samsung Exhibit II 4G is a great prepaid device and midrange Android phone.

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  1. What do you suggest the best way for a new Android.smartphone customer to figure out how to set up this phone.  (Tmobile prepaid cust serv is horrendous – outsourced and every word out of their mouth is wrong and confuses me more)…I also use a Mac so Im wondering if Im doomed if I try to use an Android. I want to sync my address book on my mac to my contacts on my phone, and even more importantly, I want my Mac calendar synced to the phone calendar so I don’t have to input appointments and stuff manually 2x…There apparently is absolutely no support for Android so customers like me are left on their own – overwhelmed, frustrated, and ready to go to an iPhone very fast.  Now Im understanding why people keep saying Android is complicated and only good for techies…while iPhones are simple and easy to use out of the box.  Every website says something different…and at least with Apple< i can go to a local store or call Applecare and get someone from North America to help me.  

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