Unboxing & Quick Review Video: LG Double Play On T-Mobile

Anyone who’s been a fan or follower of thedroidguy for any amount of time knows we like to check out phones with unique form factors. The Kyocera Echo, the Droid Pro and the Pantech Pocket are all phones that may not have won the hearts of Android enthusiasts but were unique in their own right. The LG Double Play is one of those phones.

The LG Double Play gets it’s name from it’s two screens. It’s not two screens that come out to hook together and make one big screen like the Echo but it has one normal style screen and a 2″ screen located in the middle of the slide out qwerty keyboard.

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The second screen is for quick app control, music, quick entries into social media and other things that the user can set up and customize on their own.  It’s unique position between two parts of the qwerty keyboard means that the keyboard itself is optimized for those that like to write or type with their thumbs, this is a skill inherited from texting. That’s why it was LG’s phone of choice for this years LG texting championship.

In the spec department you’re looking at a phone that has a frame of just under 5 inches with a 3.5″ QVGA capacitive touch screen.  The lower screen is 2 inches diagonally.

It’s running a 1ghz single core Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 processor which gives it enough power to facilitate both screens and makes it quick and responsive. Of course with just 1ghz these days it’s not a superphone.

It has dual cameras. On the back your looking at a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash and on the front there is a camera good enough for video chatting using your favorite video chat app.

It’s not loaded down with bloatware however T-Mobile’s usual suspects are on board including T-Mobile ID and T-Mobile TV. The device also has Tetris out of the box among other things.  LG hasn’t done any big UI changes but it does have the same basic layout as the new series of MyTouch devices sans the genius button.

The unique touchscreen at the bottom allows for multi-taskers to really take advantage of this phone but the screen doesn’t have enough real estate for more than selecting songs or viewing quick text messages. The keyboard also takes some getting used to but as I said above if you’re a championship texter or coming from a feature phone where texting was the prominent use than you should be able to adapt to this keyboard quickly.

The LG Double Play currently sells for $99 on a new two year agreement at tmobile.com or at your local Tmobile store or letstalk.com At $99 it’s definitely worth considering especially if you like unique devices.

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