UK retailer Clove Technology stock Sony Xperia M before anyone else


Even though the Sony Xperia M may not be the most eye-popping smartphone, for people with a limited budget it may be the very best for its price. We have seen almost every detail of the Xperia M apart from release date and price and both have been somewhat settled with Clove Technology adding the Xperia M to its pile of smartphones.

This report does not come without some questions though, with Clove being the only retailer to actually have the Xperia M in stock and the only retailer to actually have any real tangible information on the Xperia M.

We have seen Clove release smartphones early before and the Xperia M is certainly not a top of the line phone, so it will not need its own event to get started. Clove have it for sale for £194.99 with no contract and we have no idea when it will be coming to the US, with Sony not even making a press statement regarding the smartphone.

Source: Clove Blog