UK Online Retailer Sheds Light On Samsung Galaxy Nexus Delivery

Now that Verizon Wireless has officially been announced as a US carrier for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the next pieces we need to complete the puzzle are a release date and price.  Although release dates can vary by a lot with phones between the UK and the US, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a Nexus device and they at least attempt to release them at roughly the same time.

UK cellular online retailer, has posted the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for preorder on their website for at least one of the carriers in the UK getting the device, Orange.  The website, which features a variety of Orange plans for the Galaxy Nexus, has a release date of November 16th. This jives with the rumors we’ve heard online about a mid November launch.

Although this isn’t an actual carrier site, but an authorized retailer, it looks like it’s good information, especially because pre-orders are live on that site here.

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