Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Now Available for Download


Ubuntu Touch or Ubuntu Mobile OS is one of the new mobile OSes under development in 2013. This year has been rightly touted as the year of new mobile OSes as we’re going to see many new platforms surface. To begin with, the Firefox OS is currently seeing widespread coverage, then there’s the Tizen OS jointly developed by Samsung and Intel, and also Jolla’s Sailfish OS which will mark the rebirth of the MeeGo OS. But Ubuntu Mobile is making the most noise as it’s that much closer to launch. The new smartphone OS is far from being perfect, and is a developer only project as you would imagine. Which is why the folks at Canonical (devs of Ubuntu) want to give the developers a taste of this new mobile OS by making it available for download. The OS is now officially available for download and install. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the LG Nexus 4, the ASUS Nexus 7 and the Samsung Nexus 10 are compatible with the new OS. So if you have any of these devices as spare handsets, make sure you give the OS a try. But we must reiterate that this is merely a developer preview, which means that it’s far from being the final version of the real thing. In other words, it won’t be snappy or smooth like the modern mobile OS.

The Canonical team claims the new OS to be “very new and unfinished” which is developer talk for “don’t use it unless you know what you’re getting into”. Regardless, it’s a great new OS and we can expect fruitful things from Canonical’s new mobile OS. All of this will be free for all to try though, which is neat and as with the desktop version of Ubuntu, things are pretty simple here too. If at all you are interested in trying out the new OS despite knowing the risks, you must remember that all your data on the device will be wiped and you will have to make a complete backup of the same before flashing the ROM. Shortly in the future, we are going to see apps being developed for the smartphone along with new and improved versions of the OS making its way to the fore. I will reserve my temptation to try out this new ROM until then. Perhaps someday we’ll see Canonical launch standalone Ubuntu OS smartphones, without having to rely on Android’s mercy.

As of now, Ubuntu Touch features the Android Developer Bridge Tool connectivity as well as support for making calls, sending texts, Wi-Fi, some core applications, front and rear cameras along with some other developer tools. So while it might pack all the essential features, it cannot really be used as a daily driver, even though we’re trying to convince ourselves otherwise. But the day is nigh when the OS comes out of alpha and is usable for all. If you’ve got a device to spare, make sure you try the new Touch Ubuntu OS from the source link below by following the download and installation instructions. After you’re done, make sure you drop us a line and let us know about your experience.

Source: Ubuntu
Via: Engadget