Twitter Surpasses 200M Monthly ‘Active’ users


The most popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, has now more than 200 million active users monthly, a 42% increase in the size when compared to March’2012 statistics. (Apparently, to celebrate six years of service, the company had released the press-statement in March that it now boasts more than 140 million ‘active’ users.)

Twitter boasted 100 million active monthly users in September 2011, with the number of daily active users amounting to 50 million. In the next six months, the site increased the number of active users by another 40 million, making it 140 in March’ 2012. That’s 40% growth in just a 7 month time-span- which is very impressive. However, fast-forward another 7-9 months, and you have pretty much the same scenario. Twitter now has over 200 million active users monthly, another 60 million added to the existing fan-base- a net increase of 42%. At the end of the every year, the company continues to double its user-base.

According to information shared by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, earlier this year, the site was stormed by 340 million tweets per day. However, the increase of another 60 million is expected to take that tally to 400 million tweets per day.  According to stats, over 60% of the 200 million ‘active’ users use smartphone apps to access the popular social media platform.

It is believed that the sharp increase in the number of active users can be accredited to events like US presidential election and Olympics. According to reports, France and USA have seen huge growth in numbers, mainly due to their own presidential elections. With the growing presence of social-media, people love expressing their thoughts through Twitter. The 140 word limit has also forced people to be creative in their writing, besides being thoughtful and insightful. That’s the reason why people love ‘tweeting’ rather than posting status updates. Besides, Twitter allows you to read tweets of people without logging in, which is not possible with Facebook.

Twitter actually has over 500 million registered users worldwide, which means that over 50% of the people do not tweet or even log-in to their accounts, monthly. However, it’s still one of the ten most visited sites on the internet.

Tony Wang, General Manager of Twitter, expressed his emphatic feelings by tweeting: “There are now more than 200M monthly active @twitter users. You are the pulse of the planet. We’re grateful for your ongoing support!”

Do you love to ‘tweet’? Do you think Twitter can outdo Facebook in the coming years? Share your thoughts!