Twitter to shut down popular video sharing service ‘Vine’

Vine Logo

#Twitter has announced that it will soon close the curtains on Vine, which is a popular video sharing site that was acquired by Twitter back in 2012. Vine has a large following across the world, thanks largely to its easy to use interface and the premise of using short GIF styled videos. It’s something that has been used by a multitude of celebrities, so it’s not like Twitter is closing it due to lack of proper following.

So why exactly is Twitter shutting down Vine? Well, the company hasn’t made it clear yet, but we’re hearing that there are going to be some cutbacks made by the company, which might have led them to take this decision. One can hope that someone with a keen interest in Vine can probably take it from Twitter to keep the platform alive.

Twitter has mentioned that it won’t delete content posted on Vine and that users will be able to view and share them as usual over the coming months. So not all hope is lost for now, but the end is certainly near.

Source: Medium

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