Twitter now allows users to download their till date archive of tweets

Finally, Twitter has released the much anticipated “archival” feature. Twitter, it seems, is slowly and gradually rolling out the much promised ‘Download Tweet Archive’ feature, which would allow users to download all their 140 character messages on the micro-blogging website, so far. Twitter had promised to bring this feature in the early part of this year, and it seemed to have adhered to the deadlines.


Most of the users would now find an option in bottom of their setting page, which reads “Request your archive”. The button comes with a foot-note, which reads “You can request a file containing your information, starting with your first tweet. A link will be emailed to you when the file is ready for download”.

If you wish to download your archive, simply click the option, and you should receive the mail from Twitter when your archive is ready to be downloaded. The archive file is actually in the HTML format, which sorts your tweets into an easily navigable Calendar format. You can browse your tweets for specific months, or you can even search your entire collection of tweets for some specific word. The meta-data (the links that you might have shared) is also captured by Twitter, and made portable into CSV and JSON files.

The archival feature is very much similar to the Facebook’s “Download your copy” feature, which was released in April this year. The feature allowed Facebook users to back up their complete profile information (including photos, status updates, and shared links). Twitter, clearly wants to stay abreast with the growing competition in the social media.

This could be a great tool for mellifluous tweeters, who would get an inkling of their first few, not-so-brilliant tweets. While it has released for only a handful of users now, Twitter expects that it would reach most of its users by the end of 2012.