Twitter launches #music a new music streaming service

Twitter #music

Twitter released the web and iPhone version of it’s brand new service #music late yesterday afternoon [18th April] which is Twitter’s own music streaming service, it allows you to listen to what’s trending, what your friends are listening to, emerging talent, popular music and what you might like along side acts that you follow.

Sign in to the service via your Twitter account and all the service tailors a list of music that it thinks you might like, but if you want to listen to full length songs then you have the option of a dual sign in; signing in with you twitter and then your Spotify or Rdio account – they must be premium accounts so you can listen to the full length song. If you don’t sign in with either a Spotify or an rdio account then you only get to preview the songs via itunes the benefit with this is that it allows you to purchase the songs by clicking the itunes link while the song is previewing.

The mobile version of the service can be found in the iOS app store right now, an android version is rumoured to be coming very shortly, the web version of this service can be found at #music. What is interesting about the launch of this product is that the beta testers were celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest who would then promoted the service that the vast majority of their followers didn’t know anything about.

Twitter instead of going the traditional route of having early adopters spread the word about this service, they have went all out and waited to release it to the masses straight away; they even created a section #NowPlaying which shows you what your friends are listening to. Twitter is going all out with this service so that it sticks and will be attract Spotify users to use the site more often instead of the Spotify application.

The service has a unique style to the user interface on both mobile and web, it is easy to user and easy to tweet and follow certain performers from the app. The app also has a feature that I have never seen on any streaming service and that it the up and coming artists section, which I think is a brilliant idea and will help artist break through to a mainstream audience.

Only time will tell if this service is good enough to pull people from Pandora, Spotify ect. Especially with rumours of tech giants like Apple and Google entering the fray of the music streaming business.

Twitter #music app

This music streaming service is yet another addition to the Twitter empire, first of all they but a bid in for the popular photo sharing social network Instagram but missed out to Facebook’s bid of $1 billion. Following that twitter release iOS only app Vine a six second looping video sharing social network that lets you record and share from the app, Facebook and Twitter itself.

Twitter is focusing now on growing the business and not just becoming content with just having one of the most successful social networks on the internet today, they need to break away from the dual sign in with Rdio or Spotify if they want to make this a viable business plan.

Looking at this from another angle including the ability to listen through Spotify and Rdio might give them a loyal audience before they change the model and stream it themselves, the interface is great they just need to work on the streaming aspect and are they going to carry on using third parties for the actual streaming of the music.