Twitter DMs now show read receipts

Twitter Direct Messages

#Twitter has just added a nifty little feature to its mobile applications which brings read receipts to your messages. This is a handy little feature if you’re still waiting for that reply from someone, letting you know if you should genuinely wait for a reply or just take the hint. The update will be included right away on the app and doesn’t seem to need a fresh update or anything along those lines. This means the feature should be live for most users of Twitter by now.

The feature is limited to the Android and iOS versions of Twitter, although the web versions should follow suit soon. It might take some time for all users to get the update, so if you’re not seeing it on your phone yet, there’s no need to lose patience just yet. Luckily enough, Twitter is also letting you disable this feature if you find it to be an annoyance. All in all, this is a pretty significant upgrade to Twitter and is something that will make it more of an IM app than it was before.

Source: Twitter

Via: Android Police