Twitter adds a new GIF button on its Android and iOS apps

Twitter GIF

For long now, users have complained that #Twitter is lacking a dedicated GIF button. And Twitter has heard accordingly with a new GIF button officially making its way to the #Android and #iOS apps as of today. The rollout might be limited to a few regions at first, but we expect to see it on a wide majority of devices over the coming days.

In addition to support for GIFs, you can also search for a myriad of GIFs that are already in Twitter’s library. From what we can tell, this can easily be one of the most used features on the social media site over the coming weeks.

Twitter has been struggling with its growth and has failed to keep users on board for long. But a feature like this should improve its chances of keeping users engaged.

Are you seeing the feature on your app yet? If not, make sure you’re on the lookout for the most recent update of Twitter.

Source: Twitter Blog