How to turn off Ultra Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S7, fix other system and email related issues

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (#Samsung #GalaxyS7) Gallery doesn’t automatically detect pictures that are attached to email messages. Can the phone be set to automatically save email attachments to the SD card?
  • What you need to do if your new S7 has a completely black screen, not responding and red and green letters are showing on the top-left side of the display.
  • How can you prevent screen flickering issues with the Galaxy S7? According to the owner, the phone started draining its battery and when he tried to check for system updates using Verizon’s app, that’s when the phone froze and the screen started to flicker.
  • Learn how to seamlessly transfer your Calendar entries from an old Galaxy phone to the new Galaxy S7 device.
  • Owner reported not being able to save modified files on his phone’s SD card using a computer but he could copy/paste files at will.
  • Galaxy S7 owner wants his email app to automatically clear email messages that have already been deleted from the server. His current setup is POP3.
  • When you enable the Ultra Power Saving Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7, is there a way to disable or turn it off?


Recently, we’ve been bombarded with a lot of emails from Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners and many of those are system-related.  While we already posted several posts addressing firmware and email issues, we find it necessary to answer questions sent by our readers.

In this post, I have tackled issues regarding the Gallery app that doesn’t automatically detect pictures that were sent as email attachments but have been downloaded into the phone’s memory. I also answer one of the questions about a unit whose screen turned black and unresponsive with green and red letters displayed on the top-left side.

Continue reading to learn and understand the problems I cited in this post. There’s always a chance that you’d encounter one of them in the future if you haven’t already.

For our readers who may have other concerns, try to visit our troubleshooting page and look for issues that are similar or related to yours. Feel free to use suggested solutions or troubleshooting procedures. If they don’t work or if you need further assistance, you can always contact us by completing our Android issues questionnaire. Be sure to provide as much information as possible so we can help you with more accurate solutions.

Q: “I occasionally send myself emails with attachments, normally photos. I save the photo to my device. They show up in my gallery in the downloaded folder, but when I go to use them, Photogrid app for example, or just as an attachment into a text message, it disappears and is no longer available. Am I missing a step on how to save these attachments correctly so they are available in the gallery? I’ve figured out how to save photos to my SD card from the camera, but cannot figure out how to change my settings to have downloads from emails saved to my SD card.

A: You can set the camera to automatically save pictures and videos to the microSD card (external storage) but with email attachments and other downloaded media, they all go to the Download folder in your phone’s internal storage.

The Gallery, on the other hand, automatically detects media files from both the internal and external storages. In the event that the Gallery can’t detect downloaded pictures and you know for sure they’re there, then download the ES File Explorer app from the Play Store. Use the app to “Show Hidden Files.”

Q: “Completely disabled. Black screen with warning – red & green letters on top left side of display. Not possible to turn on/off. Completely blocked. I’ve tried to follow troubleshooting suggestions but without any result.

A: It could have been more helpful for us to determine the problem if we know exactly what those red and green letters say. There are different kinds of errors that wherein the screen is blacked out we can’t just assume which of those errors you currently have.

If it has something to do with the FRP lock, then you need help from a technician. If it’s something else, try booting your phone in recovery mode and see if wiping the cache partition fixes it or you may try doing the master reset.

Q: “Today when I took my phone off the wireless charger the battery drained fast while AID was active.  It drained 5% in 2 hours.  Than when I went to do a system check using the Verizon app.  It froze,  than the screen flickered green.  As if it was hit with a hammer.  But i never but my phone with a hammer though.  I did a factory reset,  but i still think it might happen again.  How do I prevent it from happening,  and or deal with it better if it does happen again?

A: It’s difficult to prevent something when we don’t know what causes it. In other words, you need to closely observe your phone so you’ll know what the culprit is. It might be just an app issue, a firmware problem that may have occurred after an update, or liquid damage. At least, you already know that doing the factory reset will fix it. So, you can easily eliminate the problem if it occurs again.

Q: “Recently purchased an S7.  When the contents were transferred from the old phone (S4) only some of the calendar entries carried over. I’ve dealt with Samsung support a few times, and Verizon.  No help. We have a Google email address backup, but it seems not everything is saved there.  I  don’t want to enter 30 months of calendar entries manually, which seems to be the only solution. Thanks, Jim.

A: Hey Jim. Sync your old phone using your Google account especially the calendar events. Once you do that, those entries will be copied to Google Calendar. On you Galaxy S7, setup the same Google account and turn on the sync to download those entries. It’s actually that easy to transfer calendar entries to another Android phone.

Another thing you can use since you’re using a Samsung device is the Smart Switch. It allows you to backup and/or transfer over data from the old phone to the new phone in a few minutes.

Q: “When I connect via USB my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to my PC (OS Windows 10) and access files on the SD Card (mounted in the phone), once modified the file I am unable to save it in the card. I must underline that the phone is connected to the computer and I am able to access the SD card and to paste/copy file from the external storage to the PC. I would love to use the external storage of the phone’s SD card as a USB memory stick. Thanks in advance.

A: It’s difficult to determine if it’s an issue with the SD card but as long as the phone can read from and write on it, it shouldn’t have any issues when you connect your phone to your computer.

But have you tried saving the modified file first to your computer and just copy and paste it on your phone’s SD card? That might work.

Q: “I recently switched over from the Galaxy S6 Edge, to the new Galaxy S7 Edge. On my S6 the below setup worked as I wanted it to, but the S7 is not doing the same. I run a POP3 email account in Outlook while I am in the office. The POP 3 is set to delete the email from the server once it is downloaded. When I am on the Move I use my S7 to check and download copies of the email from the server using POP3 and set to NEVER delete from the server. When I start outlook again and it clears the server, the S7 doesn’t automatically clear my inbox during the next Sync. On my S6 it in fact did do it, and I want my S7 to do the same.

I want to have my S7 to automatically clear the inbox during the sync, when i have cleared the server using outlook. I do not wish for copies of the email to be left on the phone, as cleaning the inbox manually is a bit of an irritation.

Other forums I read that people like to have copies on both platforms, but i am one of the few for it to be NOT so. Please assist? Thanks.

A: Let me explain briefly how your phone works if you setup your email account using the POP3 server type…

The email client accesses the server using your credentials and download new messages. Once downloaded, you are actually accessing email messages that are saved in your phone and not from the server. So, even if those messages have already been deleted from the server by the other device, the messages that have been downloaded to you phone remains and you can read and re-read them unless you decide to delete them from your device. That’s POP3.

So, if you want your phone to access your messages from the server in real time, you have to use the IMAP server type. That said, you need to re-setup your account as you can no longer change the server type of the account that’s already setup in your device.

Q: “I have a Galaxy S7, recently issued by the company I work for. I had it fully charged, but I decided to put it into ultra power save mode to reduce battery consumption overnight. I had some issue with this mode, not being able to get out of it, eventually I managed to “get out of UPSM” by using the launcher, but I got from bad to worse. Now the device is trapped in a limbo between UPSM and the standard mode. Screen is grayed out, there are very few apps responsive, and most won’t even show in the app library. Being a company phone, it’s encrypted and has company administrative policies enforced with MaaS360. I’ve tried the power-volume key hard reset but it doesn’t take me to the menu it should. Just flashes the booting up screen all the time I have the keys pressed.

A: Well, you really don’t have to go as far as doing the forced reboot procedure because even if you successfully did it, the phone would still boot up with Ultra Power Saving Mode on. To turn off Ultra Power Saving Mode, tap MORE in the upper right hand corner of the screen and tap Turn off Ultra power saving mode. I hope this helps.

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