Trover: Another Android App To Lookout For At SXSW 2012

We told you about one of our favorite apps that will be battling it out in the app war zone known as South By Southwest this weekend. Glancee is a people discovery app that connects people by interest. While many other tech sites are saying the win this year will go to an iOS app called “Highlight”, we think Glancee has a fighting chance because it’s a great app, and they didn’t ignore the calling of 300 million Android users.

Trover is another app that saw the power of going iOS and Android. Trover is a local discovery app that connects not just people, but places and things as well. Trover has a great, photo rich UI and even in smaller towns their seems to be a fair amount of usage already. Just wait until later in the week at SXSW and the screen will pop alive.

One thing I really like about Trover is that it shows you the pictures of things and places that users have taken by distance from you. But where some apps can set a distance, be it 1 ¬†mile, 10 miles, 20 miles etc, and then makes you change screens, Trover shows you distance while you’re scrolling down. So at the top of your screen are the images and photos within 1 mile, but as you scroll down the distance from you increases, all on one screen.

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The other big thing about Trover is you can login with your Facebook or your Twitter account. You can also logout and log back in with the other service. This is perfect for me as my Facebook is personal friends and my Twitter account is 100,000 of my great followers. At SXSW I’ll log in to Trover with my Twitter account to meet some awesome followers, back home or working in SF or NY, I’ll log in using Facbeook to keep up with my close friends and colleagues.

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Trover is taking itself into the 4-D realm (as in real life) next weekend at SXSW with a graffiti party, and a “take a shot walking tour”. Both events are encouraging people to interact with real life Trover users and discover things together. The “Take a Shot Walking Tour” looks to be a lot of fun as it’s a tequilla fueled walking tour, imagine the discoveries from that.

Apps like Trover and Glancee answer the Foursquare question, “OK I’ve checked in, Now What”. The category is starting to get crowded. I’ve got an account or have used Ban.Jo, Highlight, Trover and Glancee but really with Trover discovering people, places and things and Glancee discovering people with like interests, I may be covered.

Download Trover for your Android phone here from the Android Market

For more info on Trover’s SXSW events head over to