TripleTown Review


Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

TripleTown is a very unique game. As far as I know, there’s no other game out there like it, which is what makes it a unique and refreshing experience. Triple Town is essentially a puzzle game where your goal is essentially to not run out of spaces to place objects. And believe me, not running out of space to place objects is a unbelievably hard task to accomplish. Despite the difficulty that Triple Town offers, it is definitely a game that will put your brain to the test. One wrong move could mess up your entire game very easily, and then you would have to start from scratch, which after playing the game, is something I dread.

You have a total of 1,500 turns in one Triple Town game, albeit you can get rid of the turn limit by giving the devs a donation through an in-app purchase. You use these turns to place objects like grass, bushes, churches, bears and etc. Having a row of three grass will turn that into 1 bush. Having a row of three bushes will turn that into one tree. Having a row of three trees will turn into one home. It goes on and on and on. Your goal is to create the best village/kingdom you can before you run out of space to put objects like homes, bushes and trees. Now, at first this does not sound challenging at all. In fact, the idea really isn’t that challenging. What’s challenging is that the objects you have to place are all randomized. So, one turn you may not have a bush to place, as the game has given you grass to put down. That’s where things get tough.

Overall, the puzzle factor of Triple Town is very well done. It definitely has a lot of replayability and will often create headaches.

As for the graphics, they look really good, as most of the graphics are 2D aside from a few animations here and there. The operating itself — for some inexplicable reason — has trouble capping games animations at a solid 30 – 60 frames-per-second, which often results in chopping looking graphics. That is the reason why I often prefer 2D games because they aren’t plagued with the choppy frame issues as much as 3D games are. That said, the graphics in Triple Town do look really nice and the small animations were pretty seamless as well.

As for sound, there really isn’t a whole lot to actually listen too. It’s more of a “quiet” puzzle game, which was a bit disappointing, as a good music track always adds something great to the game.

Triple Town is a free game that is available on both iOS and Android. Like I mentioned earlier, you will get a unlimited amount of turns if you wish to donate to the devs via an in-app purchase, but until then you’re limited to 1,500 with more being added to that number every calendar day.