Tougher Version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 About To Be Released


A tougher Samsung Galaxy S4 version was revealed to be in the works. The news about the rugged Samsung Galaxy S4 version broke out yesterday (April 23) when Young Soo Kin, the president of Samsung Gulf, mentioned it during the Q&A session of the company’s press conference held at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

The Samsung Gulf President said that the new version of the Android device will be waterproof and dustproof. He added that its public release will be set in a couple of weeks. His statement came as a reply to the question as to why the Korea-based company has not developed waterproof smartphones yet.

This could be a wise move from Samsung following the Sony Xperia Z which recently highlighted it dust and waterproof features during the last Cosumer Electronics Show (CES). Other Motorola models have also benefited from such features. So, if Samsung manages to release its own rugged smartphone soon, it would be among the few in the market to employ such feature.

The ruggedized Samsung Galaxy S4 would surely benefit adventurers and travelers. This could withstand harsher environmental conditions in moisty, dusty, cold and hot areas. However, we are not sure yet about the amount of punishment that the armor of the new version can endure and the price that it will offer to consumers.

Let us all hope though that it can withstand the ordinary punishments that clumsy people like me dish out like dropping it accidentally in the tub, crushing the phone with full-body weight, flinging it accidentally into the ground, dropping it in the toilet and others.

Be sure to expect various demos too that will test the durability of the tougher Samsung Galaxy S4 version once it comes out. So, stay tuned at The Droid Guy for future updates.

Source: and Phone Arena

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  1. The Galaxy S4 is pretty awesome. It’s gotta be said. I still prefer the HTC One though.

    On the other hand, what’s going to be way too cool is the next Nexus device from Google. Now that’s something I’m excited about.

  2. I just can’t wait for this Samsung galaxy to be out in the market! It’s gonna be way too cool.

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