Top Android Apps

The list of top Android apps has just been released by Digital Inspiration. To generate the list, their team extracted data from Google Play and Google Web Search. The list is divided into several tiers: apps that have an install base of 500 million to a billion; 100 million to 500 million; and 50 million to 100 million. Along with the list, Digital Inspiration published a chart comparing the average ratings to the total number of users that have rated the apps.

Top Android Apps
Top Android Apps

Top Android Apps: 500 million to 1 billion

In the top spots are Gmail, YouTube, Google Play services, Maps, and Facebook, in such order. Among these apps, Facebook is the one which has been rated the most by its users. As per the data, Facebook has been rated by more than 8 million users. It is worth noting that Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Services, and Maps are preloaded on Android devices. Thus, they may not necessarily be the apps that have been downloaded the most. Also, Facebook is the only app in this first tier that is not by Google, as Digital Inspiration points out.

Top Android Apps: 100 million – 500 million

Twenty-four apps are in the list of those which have been installed between 100 million to 500 million times. The top app in this tier is GO Launcher EX, which is the most popular launcher. This is followed by Twitter, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Voice Search, and Google Play Books. In the seventh spot is the most downloaded game, Subway Surfers. In the ninth spot comes Tiny Flashlight+ LED, an app that converts an Android mobile device into a flashlight or torch using the camera’s LED flash. This app also enjoys the highest average rating on the Play Store. In eleventh place is WhatsApp Messenger, which has been rated by 4 million users. This tier also has other popular games such as Fruit Ninja Free and Angry Birds; other Google apps like Hangouts, Google Search, and Street View on Google Maps; messaging apps like LINE: Free Calls & Messages and Skype; and productivity apps like Dropbox and Adobe Reader.

Top Android Apps: 50 million – 100 million

In the third tier are thirty-six apps. In first place is Go SMS Pro, a messaging app that allows for customization. Other apps which make it to this tier are KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text, Temple Run, Yahoo! Mail, Hill Climb Racing, Talking Tom Cat Free, and Flipboard: Your News Magazine. Check out the source below for the full list of apps.

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