Top 4 Battery Problems You Might Face With Samsung Galaxy S4

galaxy s4 battery problems

Owners of Samsung’s 2013 flagship, Galaxy S4, complained about some battery-related problems they encountered with their phones. Since we opened our mailbox to our readers, we received a lot of emails complaining about the issue. And based on those reports, I came up with a list of Samsung Galaxy S4 battery problems.

First Problem: Battery Drains Quickly

There are a lot of factors that may affect the overall performance of your battery but based on reports from users who have encountered this problem, the following are the probable causes:

  • Too many apps running in the background.
  • Wireless connectivity features are turned on.
  • Phone was exposed to liquid.
  • Defective battery.
  • Firmware needs updating.

Solution 1: Recall if your phone was exposed to any form of liquid. If it was, refrain from using the phone because turning it on while some components are wet will just add more damages to the device. The best thing to do is turn the phone off and have it cleaned by an authorized technician.

Solution 2: Close apps running in the background, start with recently-used apps. Go to the Home screen, press and hold the Home button, swipe each app to right or left to close them. If you don’t know which apps are running, or if there are a lot of them and you’re too lazy to close them one-by-one, boot the phone to Safe Mode and observe if the battery lasts longer with all third-party apps aren’t running.

Solution 3: Turn off wireless connectivity features such as WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, etc. especially when you’re not using them. When these features are enabled, they automatically detect available networks, which take up more power than you think.

Solution 4: If there is an available update, try installing it and observe if battery life improves. Bug fixes that often come with new updates help in the resolution of this problem.

Solution 5: Have the phone checked by a technician so you’ll know if there’s a problem with the battery. More often than not, if this is the case, you will end up buying a new one.

Second Problem: Battery Won’t Charge

Like the first problem, this one is also complicated. The following are possible causes:

  • Using a non-Samsung OEM charger or battery.
  • Device or battery was exposed to liquid.
  • Connectors are bent, broken or pushed in.
  • Cable is damaged.
  • Power supply isn’t working properly.

Solution 1: Check if you’re using the original battery and charger. Note that Samsung uses charging units and batteries that were rated to fit the device’s operations. Using third-party power accessories often lead to this problem.

Solution 2: Make sure your battery or phone wasn’t exposed to liquid. Wipe battery connectors with dry cloth if the battery was exposed to water to prevent short circuit. If it was the phone that was exposed, do not turn it on unless you’re very sure no components are still wet.

Solution 3: Check the connectors of both the battery and the phone. If there is one that is bent, pushed in or broken, try to gently align it if you can. Otherwise, seek help from a technician to play it safe because you might end up causing more damages than fix the problem.

Solution 4: Do a physical check on the charger’s cable to see if there is breakage. If you know how to use a tester, check if there is continuity.

Solution 5: Are you sure the power outlet where you plug the charger is working properly? Plug any appliance and see if it powers on. Or, you can plug the cable to your computer to see if the phone charges. It would also confirm if there is continuity in the cable.

Third Problem: Battery Swells

If the battery seems to have become bulky, that’s one sign it is swelling. Another sign is when liquid comes out of it. It only means one thing, the battery is damaged and we advise you NOT to continue using it because it is hazardous especially when charged.

Swelling batteries can’t hold more charge and when electrons and heat are forced into it, there is a tendency it will explode. Another thing, the liquid that comes out of it is hazardous to health.

The solution, buy a new battery.

Fourth Problem: Battery Becomes Hot

Normally, the battery becomes hot when being charged or used for several hours. However, if it becomes unusually hot, it means it, or the charger, is not stable and a lot of things could happen.

If you noticed this problem is happening to your device, refrain from using the battery to avoid major problems. Seek advice from a local technician or buy a new battery to make sure. Remember, batteries could explode if not used or maintained properly. Unstable units should not be used.

Tell us your phone problems

We are among the very few online communities that is open to receive questions from our readers about the problems they’ve encountered with their phones. Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] and tell us your problems and we will do our own research to be able to provide you with solutions and / or ideas that may lead to the resolution of your problems. That’s for free. All we ask of you is to mention all possible details so we’ll know where to start.

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  1. I just received an S4 as a gift and after 12 days the phone went into sleep mode and now won’t power on or take a charge….and my aunt did get the new replacement battery…. What is up with this lemon S4

  2. I am using a Samsung S4 android phone for the last 2 months….. I’ve been having severe battery problems …. I have a very bad experience with Samsung S4 mobile phone & Service Center in Bangalore

  3. I am using a Samsung S4 android phone for the last 3 months….. I’ve been having severe battery problems …. I have a very bad experience with Samsung S4 mobile phone

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