Top 3 Games For Your MOGA Controller


Have you recently gotten one of Power A’s MOGA controller’s? Are you not sure what games to take for a spin yet? Check out our top 3 games for the MOGA controller below!

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour — Modern Combat 4 is Gameloft’s next installment of their Modern Combat series. The game is essentially Call of Duty in a mobile format done well. The game has console quality graphics near the equivalent of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (albeit the game looks nothing like the screenshots portray). The game is optimized for the MOGA controller, which makes the redesigned multiplayer modes tons of fun, especially when playing with friends. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour will set you back $6.99, but is well worth it. In fact, it is a huge improvement over Modern Combat 3 and is — in my book — the #1 action first-person shooter on Android.

Asphalt 7 — Asphalt 7 is one of the most fun racing games that you will find available on the Google Play Store, and possibly even the App Store on iOS. Upon the game’s launch, it was questionable as to whether this would end up actually being a good game, but a patch that was released later on fixed the issues and errors the game was consistently having. It is one of the most beautiful and smooth racing games that you could possibly get on the Google Play Store. As of this writing, the game is a mere $0.99 for Gamelfot’s holiday sale. You don’t want to miss on this one, as it is even better with the MOGA controller!

The Dark Knight Rises — I was tempted to not mention another Gameloft game, but The Dark Knight Rises is one of those games that was very under appreciated. A lot of the bad ratings it received was due to the very awkward touch controls. I’ll admit that the UI design to use these controls were just plain weird. Thankfully the game is optimized for use with the MOGA controller fixing a lot of the main issues with the games’ UI. That said, if you are a huge fan of Batman and liked the movie release last year (2012), you may just want to give this one a try. Albeit it will cost you a good $6.99.

These are three games that I highly recommend taking for a spin with the MOGA controller, specifically Asphalt 7. Asphalt 7 is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played on the Android platform. It’s very smooth and works seamlessly with the MOGA controller. Besides, who does not like graphically intensive racing games? There are 15 tracks and a numerous amount of cars to choose from. Lets not forget the online play over Wi-Fi though! That’s where the true challenge begins!

Do you have any suggestions as to what should be added to the list? Make sure to sound off in the comments below!