Top 3 Free Android Apps For Photography

One of the best things about owning a smartphone is that you can customize it to perform any way you want to by simply installing apps on it. Some people make their smartphones as their gaming center while others their music hub. Most people however will say that they rely heavily on their smartphones for taking photos. The advances made in the camera technology of this device let them easily compete with dedicated point and shoot cameras.  Developers often offer these apps for Android for free to accumulate a larger user base.

android apps for photography

The Android platform has various apps for photography that you can use to enhance or edit your photos. If you love to share photos over your favorite social networks then here are the top 3 free apps for photography you can choose from.

Pixlr Express

If you are looking for a powerful photo editor that’s easy to use then you can’t go wrong with Pixlr Express. This app is created by Autodesk, the same people who created the award winning design software AutoCAD. While the Android offers basic editing tools for your photo this app extends it even more by providing you with almost everything you need right in your smartphone.

What a lot of people love about this app is its user interface that isn’t confusing at all. Everything is as simple as it gets. You will be able to make adjustments on your photo as well as place effects on them. There are more than 600 customization options for you to choose from making it a perfect choice for shutterbugs.


People looking for greater control over the effects and filters of their photos will love using Snapseed. This app which is created by Nik Software a company recently acquired by Google, first made a big impression over at the iOS platform. There are a lot of effects to choose from and the autocorrect feature is amazing. The design of the user interface is definitely a plus as users will find it easy to navigate. Once you have processed your photo you can immediately share it to your Google+ account. Oh, and by the way this app won the Best Mobile Photo App of 2012 (TIPA) and iPad App of the Year 2011.


I know, I know, some of you might be thinking why is this app included here? Its recent change in Terms of Service has drawn flak from majority of its users but then the company has decided not to push through with the change. Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook, makes it easy for anyone to take amazing photos and share them easily to social networks. It makes ordinary pictures look like works of art just by adding filters to them.

One other feature this app has is its social aspect where you get to follow other people and see their latest uploaded photos. You’ll even be able to like the photos and comment on them.

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  1. Photo editing tools are always interesting to me. I like to edit my photos by readmitted tools. Photo editing tools for android such as pixlr express has made my android world more enjoyable.
    Instagram is another application of my favorite list. It is an amazing application for sharing photos in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. I like it for its simplified outlook. Photo sharing in Facebook by this tool is one of my best photo sharing experiences.

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