Tired of Carrier restrictions? Meet the Government Restriction

Tired of the carriers telling you how you can and can’t use your phone? Now lets see how you feel about the good old government of ours doing the same thing… Thats what Raymond LaHood of the Secretary of Transportation wants to do in stopping ALL use of cell phones in the car…

“And I think you’re going to see the technology become adaptable in automobiles to disable these cell phones.”

Worst part is he is not alone… Everyone could remember who took drivers ed those horror video’s we had to watch, now they are going to be making a comeback with the DOT(Department of Transportation) “Faces of Distracted Driving.” The series of online videos tells the stories of several victims of distracted driving which will be a series in which a new video is released every few weeks.

During his talk last week LaHood said that nearly 5,500 people died from distracted driving last year, however of those how many do we know are from using your cellphone in the car and not changing the radio, eating fast food you just picked up or putting on make-up?

Is it really the phones that are the problems or is it everything else and the fact that to many drivers really don’t know how to drive yet are doing so also. Why don’t schools making drivers ed mandatory to graduate… Or if you’ve taken a drivers class you can get the credits instead. While I don’t condone texting and driving for some people, others at least shouldn’t be punished because they know how to drive… I’ve driven at speeds of over 125 on freeway while texting and nothing happened. I also know how to drive as I’ve taken classes on it. I know¬† if something happens how to control your car in an emergency so I feel that I am well capable of handling it if something happened.

The government wants to stop distractions while we drive… what about all those billboards with flashing lights and food on them to make us look at them INSTEAD of on the road we are driving on. I feel that if laws like this pass where I can’t use the phone in the car I am being punished for people who don’t know how to drive in the beginning and taking the phone out of there hand isn’t the issue… Its the lack of knowing how to control a car. Many of us use our phones now for GPS and Turn-by-Turn navigation… unless the US government now wants to put a GPS in my ’78 Nova I wont use my phone any more for that. Since that wont ever happen sorry I’ll always use my phone in my car while driving… I’ll make calls and even text while driving… I know I’ll get hate comments back about how wrong I am for driving and texting but the fact of the matter is I know how to drive so I’ll keep doing so.

Source: Discovery.com
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3 Replies to “Tired of Carrier restrictions? Meet the Government Restriction”

  1. I would never text while driving, and I don’t think it should be done, but we should be able to use cellphones in cars for certain safety reasons. The most important is, if you are in an accident and can’t get out of the car, how would you call for help if it was disabled? What if your car breaks down in a bad section of a city, or a parking lot, and it is unsafe to get out of the car?
    I use the GPS in my phone to look up directions while my husband is driving so I can give him directions, which is probably safer than him trying to blindly find the way and looking for signs rather than focusing on the cars around him. If we need a place to stay in a strange area, I can find it on the phone and make reservations, rather than him having to find a place to get off the freeway, then find a safe place to stop so I can get out of the car to make a phone call or use the internet.
    No one seems to be too concerned about how difficult it is to use the new car radios while driving and talks about going back to simple radios which just work and you don’t need to spend a lot of time just trying to read the digital displays and find the right buttons while driving rather than just turning a dial or pushing preset buttons. I’m terrified every time my husband fiddles with the car radio, and I don’t switch stations while I’m driving because it is dangerous, but I feel much safer being able to use my cellphone when we need it.
    I think big fines and enforcing the laws makes more sense than disabling cellphones. If you are in an accident, it would be relatively easy to see the call records from your cellphone to see if you were texting and driving. If you were, then there should be huge consequences.

  2. Ok, so first off, saying that you’ve driven and texted before and survived is not proof (as you seem to imply) that it’s a good thing. just because someone has survived a game of russian roulette, for example, doesnt mean that continuing to play it is a healthy idea. That aside, I agree with your premise. In fact, a recent study shows that since “texting while driving” has allegedly become a huge problem, there has been no increase in accidents or driving fatalities. Those numbers have been kept since long before cell phone existed and the implied conclusion is quite logical. There will always be bad drivers, yes, but in addition there will always be distractions (as you touched on). Now, as it turns out, cell phones merely replace (in terms of accident causal) any number of previously existing distractions.

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