Ting Opens Its GSM Beta Test To All

Ting Logo

Ting, the small and very cheap prepaid carrier, is now opening up its GSM network for beta testing. Ting announced last year that they would be launching a GSM network and now it is coming to fruition.

Previously, the GSM network testing was invite-only, so it’s nice to see the beta opening up. Since a beta test for a cell phone network is odd, Ting’s Senior Content Manager Andrew Moore-Crispin took to their blog to explain why they have this program.

“We’ve been hard at work on Ting on a GSM network. We’ve sent out invitations in the thousands with a majority of people taking us up on the offer. We’ve used the feedback we’ve received from our intrepid testers to further refine the activation process and the way we confirm that devices are compatible. Another thing we’ve been working on is making the switch from the CDMA to the GSM network easy for those that want to move their service or one of their active numbers from one to the other.”

Ting’s previous cellular network was CDMA only on Sprint, so with the addition of GSM anyone can bring any unlocked device to the network. Based off the coverage map, it appears that Ting is using T-Mobile’s network for GSM so if you live in an area with good T-Mobile coverage you should be good to go.

To participate in the beta, you just need to purchase the Ting GSM X1 SIM card and activate it with your unlocked device. Since the GSM network is currently in beta testing, be warned that you might have occasional issues.

Source: Ting via Android Central