Tim Cook May Consider Larger iPhone Screen On Some Conditions

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Tim Cook appears to have his reservations on the matter of larger iPhone screen. But a recent interview featured by CNET leaves a little possibility that his company may still want to reconsider their stance in the future.

Gone were the days when cell phones were more marketable if they are more compact or smaller in size. Back in the day, the features of cell phones that only mattered though were its text messaging and call functions. Then, came the camera and video capabilities. In short, there wasn’t much to say about the past cell phones as compared to the smartphones of today.

With the advent of smartphones that are capable of handling multiple apps that are better played in a bigger screen (especially games), leading tech firms are now switching to bigger screens in order to deliver a more enhanced experience to users. Just look at the trend with Samsung for example and notice the slight difference of its new Samsung Galaxy S4 to its predecessor.

So, when Tim Cook was interviewed about this subject, he remained firm that their flagship smartphone will not benefit from a 5-inch iPhone screen. He said that the 4-inch display of the iPhone 5 is the ideal one right now.

The iPhone 5 Does Not Need a Bigger Display

In the Apple CEO’s words, he stated that the iPhone 5 currently possesses the best display in the industry. He pointed out that customers appreciate their product due to their resolution, color, white balance, reflectivity and compatibility with other apps.

Even though the competitors of his company integrated larger screens on their new devices and Cook is presently being pressured by investors into adopting the same strategy, he remained unfazed on his decision. He commented that the competitors did it at the expense of some of their features like resolution and other major factors that their customers love. He mentioned Samsung products as an example which are continuously getting bigger displays but with many shortcomings. So, as long as the trade-offs were not solved, he said that his company will not offer the larger iPhone screen.

A Possible Change of Heart in the Future

Based on the last sentence of Cook quoted by CNET, “We will not ship a larger display iPhone while these trade-offs exist”, it is clear that if they somehow come up with a way to address the underlying issues related to a larger iPhone screen, they might eventually consider offering bigger displays in the future for the Apple smartphones.

iPhone 5S will be Offering Different Sizes in Terms of Display

But in a related news from the same source, Apple might already be brewing something in its new iPhone 5S. The source mentioned Brian White, a Topeka analyst, claiming that the new device will feature three screen sizes.

There is no word though what the sizes of the screen will be. But my bet is that it might not be bigger than the iPhone 5 display because a larger one would contradict Cook’s current position.

Source: CNET

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  1. The Samsung S4 screen has a 1080p resolution. The size of the pixel is even smaller than the one on the iphone 5. Add to that super amoled and believe me the S4 screen is gorgeous. Even the S3 screen is beautiful.
    Disclosure: I own an iphone 5 but I manage cell phones in my company.

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