Three More Galaxy Nexus Carriers Announced, So Far No Official US Announcement

Although we know the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is headed to Verizon Wireless we have yet to hear an “official” word. In the meantime though more carriers abroad have added the Galaxy Nexus to their arsenal or made an announcement that they are going to carry it.

DoCoMo in Japan was announced last night during the Samsung/Google event. On Wednesday it was announced that Three, 02 and Vodafone will all carry the Galaxy Nexus in the UK.  UK third party retailer, Clove, has already put a page up to accept preorders on the unlocked version for £514.80 for the 16gb version.

Vodafone, 02 and Three have all formally announced that they are carrying the Galaxy Nexus.  Three has already put it on their webpage here.

source: Unwired