The Things I Love, Pt. 1: Killian Bell and Android’s Customization Options

Nexus 4 and iPhone 5

[Photo Credit: GottaBeMobile]

“Your customization options with iOS are very limited. You can change the background wallpaper and you can rearrange your icons to suit you – you can even place them into folders if you wish – but that’s pretty much as far as it goes. With Android, however, the possibilities are endless.

Not only can you rearrange your icons, but you can place them exactly where you want them – they don’t have to sit next to each other like they do on iOS if you don’t want them to. So if you have a wallpaper of your newborn baby, for example, and you don’t want their face to be covered by icons, you can place four apps at the top of the screen and four at the bottom, leaving the center clear” (Killian Bell, How I fell out of love with my iPhone and fell in love with the Nexus 4 ).

Killian Bell of the Apple site Cult of Mac wrote an article today that discusses his love of the Nexus 4 and how the Nexus 4 made him lose his loyalty to his iPhone 5. Let’s be clear: he still loves iOS, but he’d rather walk around with his Nexus 4 these days than his iPhone 5. I was rather shocked that he wrote an article with the title he did, telling iPhone fans that he has come to love so many things about Android’s software and hardware.

He begins by affirming what many Android users already know: iOS does not allow many customizations. You can take screenshots, upload them on your phone desktop, and create new wallpapers; you can even place apps into folders (as Bell says), but that’s about all you can do on an iPhone. If you want to download a Windows wallpaper, for example, or a live wallpaper, you cannot do this with iOS. I recently downloaded a new live wallpaper called “tiny phone people,” a wallpaper that lets you watch the activities of a “tiny” person and everything they do – take a shower, play video games, grab some food out of the fridge, watch tv, go to sleep, and so on. I also enjoy live weather applications, and Android has a live weather wallpaper that allows rain to run down the “windowpane” of your Android smartphone screen. The rain is gorgeous on live weather wallpaper, and I only activate the live wallpaper when it’s raining – just to see the beautiful wallpaper on display.

Bell points out one other thing that I have come to appreciate about Android as of late: Android allows you the privilege to reorganize your app icons so that the icons does not hide photos or desktop pictures. Recently, I took a screenshot of a Nexus 4 to put on my iPhone 4S; the most frustrating thing has been to put the Nexus 4 on my iPhone desktop and have icons hide the image from the surface. I have longed for the Android experience on my iPhone 4S, so I can identify with Bell’s statements as to customizations on the Android OS.

Killian Bell loves the customizations of Android as well as the new software itself: “It’s not just the hardware that I love; I’ve also been wowed by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and the improvements Google has made in its latest platform updates” (Bell, How I Fell Out of Love with my iPhone 5 and Fell In Love with The Nexus 4).

Bell goes on to talk about Project Butter later in his article, but it is clear that Android’s newest OS has made an impression on him. I am still waiting for Samsung to send its 4.2 update for Galaxy S3 owners, but the work I’ve done on Android 4.2 shows it to be quite an impressive upgrade for Android users. All Nexus phones receive the latest updates first; thus, if you want to get the latest Android updates before everyone else, I suggest you start by purchasing the Nexus 4 as your next smartphone. I know I will.

Bell shows in his article that you can be an iPhone user (for even five years, in his case) and come to both try and appreciate the open OS that is Android. Additionally, the Android OS is not just an OS for poor people (as it was said by a Gizmodo writer some time ago), nor is it just for people who cannot afford an iPhone. I own an iPhone 4S as well as a Galaxy S3 – and, like Killian Bell, my Android smartphone wins the day.