The Social Network Review

It’s not often that you find movie reviews on an Android site, or any tech site for that matter, but when you do it’s going to be a big deal. Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, and if a movie is being made about it you know it is going to pick up traction. The Social Network is the Facebook movie. Opening on October 1, this movie made 22 million in the opening weekend. That’s not the largest amount of money, but in no way is it poor.

The Social Network is the story of how Facebook started and what it was like in its early years. Casting Jesse Eisenburg as Mark Zuckerburg the movie’s “you don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies” slogan is explained. The movie portrays Mark as a socially awkward genius and shows the steps he took to get Facebook to take off. It really works well in showing how extremely intelligent Mark Zuckerburg is in many ways. Near the beginning of the movie it shows him hacking into all of the Fraternities list of students and taking their pictures to create his site “FaceMash. He explains everything he does and how he gets all the pictures, and to a lot of people it seems like he is speaking a completely different language. He builds the site that compares two girls’ pictures. The site gets so much traffic it crashes Harvard’s server. Things progress and throughout the movie Mark and his friend and roommates slowly build “the facebook”. The story has twists and it can become very dramatic and emotional. It has tearjerker moments and humorous areas as well. I really thought this movie is the complete package.

The characters in The Social Network are also very good. Jesse Eisenburg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerburg was very well done. All of the characters were very believable and played their parts. There way they all worked together was stunning and the relationships that they had with each other were great and the acting was very well done. It is difficult to express what I mean without giving away the story but believe me, it is a great movie.

If you are going to see a movie about Facebook, a ,movie about Facebook is what you will get.  If you are going to see a movie about Mark Zuckerburg, a movie about Mark Zuckerburg  is what you will get. The Social Network is more than that, however. This movie gets down to the nitty gritty of relationships, and tells the story of some young college kids with a lot on their plate. It is about surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. It is about believing in what you stand for. There are many great themes to this movie, and it is a gripping story with a great meaning to back it up. The Social Network is a must see.

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