The reception of the Chromebook and Google’s new plans

After working with electronic and hardware manufacturers to enter the smartphone and tablet market, Google is expanding operations to the notebook sector. After the huge success of Android both as a tablet and as a smartphone operating system, Google is readying a fleet of notebooks that will run Android as their operating system. The hardware specifications will be along the lines of the previously released Chrome Book-Pixel with a stunning, high-resolution display and super fast Intel processor.

goo2The Chrome Book Pixel however, has not made much of an impact on the market even though it has been around three years; the main reason could be its cost. At a pricey $1299, the tag is too steep for buyers who have plenty of great options in the $1000 bracket. Apart from its display and processing speed, the Pixel really does not offer users a lot of features that other notebook manufacturers don’t already have. Google is working on a strategy to ensure that it does not make the same mistake with the Android notebook series. The new range of notebooks will be better equipped and most probably start at a reasonable $1000, something that will give an impetus in the overcrowded laptop and notebook market.

The new Android Notebook or Android Book series is expected to be launched sometime in the third quarter of 2013. The power of Android in a notebook will make for a formidable product in the market, one that will give HP, DELL and other notebook companies a run for their money, if the pricing is indeed practical and not overtly ambitious.

An exciting product to look forward to!


3 Replies to “The reception of the Chromebook and Google’s new plans”

  1. Yes lol 3 years and $1,000 reasonable price, I just want a $200 or less 1080p, Tegra 4, Snapdragon 600/800, with 2 to 3 GB LPDDR3 RAM, Chrome, Android dual boot 7″ tablet.

  2. I don’t believe this means google will be giving any notebook brands a run for their money. Rather that these notebook brands are probably next in line to push out a Chromebook model or two. Maybe the second coming of the netbook?

  3. Must have been a long week; the Chromebook Pixel has been out a couple of months, not three years. Various Chromebook have been out for nearly three years, with price points as low as $199. Although anything can happen where Google is concerned, I’m dubious about an Android based laptop. I just think that strategically Chrome OS makes more sense for that form factor, and perhaps for tablets as well. We shall see.

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