The LG G3 Can Now Be Pre-Ordered On T-Mobile



The LG G3 has already arrived in several countries around the world, and now it’s about to arrive in the US. If you’re on T-Mobile, you can now pre-order the G3 and it will be shipped to you by July 15th, which is two weeks away from the time this was posted.

Since you are pre-ordering the LG G3 right now, you only have the option to buy it at full price, which is $598.80. Presumably after the device is officially released, you will be able to get it on an installment plan as well.

The Verizon variant of the LG G3 has been rumored to arrive officially on July 17th, which would put its launch just two days past T-Mobile’s. Presumably the AT&T and Sprint variants will also be launched around those dates. But if you’re on T-Mobile, will you be pre-ordering it now?

Source: T-Mobile