The LG G Flex can actually bend itself [Video]

The LG G Flex smartphone was announced in South Korea last week as the newest flexible display smartphone in town. While the smartphone remains an exclusive to Korea like the Samsung Galaxy Round, it certainly has made the news world over. Now, a new video has surfaced which reveals the true flexible nature of the smartphone. In this very short video, we can see the smartphone being pressed from the back and flexing without much trouble. The process is repeated from the front as well.

The smartphone is curved vertically rather than horizontally which makes for better ergonomics and flexibility. We’re not sure if LG intended the smartphone to be this flexible, but if it did, we’re really very impressed. This could perhaps give the smartphone a slight advantage over the Galaxy Round, but it wouldn’t matter either way as these are merely experimental devices. We hope these smartphone eventually venture out of Korea to hit global markets as well.

Source: YouTube

Via: Pocketnow