The Fourth Cowboy: T-Mobile’s Wild West “Unleash” Commercial Makes Being the Boss Uncool

T-Mobile Wild West Commercial

[Photo Credit: T-Mobile]

To add to the excitement surrounding its iPhone 5 announcement and Simple Choice Value Plans this week, T-Mobile has started its aggressive advertising, with the goal of getting to the hearts and minds of consumers who may yearn for a better experience than they have with their current contract carrier. The new commercial in question involves a few cowboys who storm into a town to take over it and tell the inhabitants what to do. As the advertisement starts, everyone in the town pulls down their window curtains, locks their doors, and runs inside to hide away from the cowboy invaders. This is a typical scene you will find in Wild West movies.

It is during the invasion that one of the cowboys decides he is tired of bossing people around, invading towns, and terrorizing innocent citizens: “I can’t do this anymore…all this ‘do what I tell you’ stuff doesn’t work for me.” When he is asked by one of the cowboys, “So What are you gonna do?”, he responds with the words, “Something better.” He then puts on a pink cowboy hat (T-Mobile being known as the Magenta Pink carrier) and rides away into the distance. At this moment, the voice of T-Mobile says, “Finally, one of the big wireless carriers is gonna stop restricting people from getting what they want.” I think it’s clear that the 4 cowboys in the advertisement represent the four national carriers: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s cowboy ¬†(represented by the pink hat) is the one who decides to abandon the old way of doing things. T-Mobile indicates that its new UNcarrier approach is an improvement over the old contract agreement by saying, “something better.”

Do you remember the T-Mobile ring tone that accompanies every T-Mo commercial? It’s the same ring tone, but it’s accompanied by Wild West Music. As an undergraduate music major in college, I found T-Mobile’s ring tone to be a refreshing piece of nostalgia to accompany the Wild West music (given in A minor) with the ring tone notes of T-Mo (C-C-C-E-C). If you want to try these notes out on a random piano, feel free to do it sometime.

As for the plans themselves, T-Mobile now offers plans that come with no contract. Those who choose to do business with T-Mobile can either 1) purchase their device outright in full or 2) pay monthly installments to cover the full phone price. Customers now receive unlimited voice and text messaging starting at $50 a month, with a free 500MB of data and an additional $10 per 2GB. Those who want to purchase an unlimited data plan can pay $90 but will only have a small amount of WiFi hotspot tethering. The best news about all of these plans is that you can abandon your plan whenever you want. You will no longer be tied into a two-year agreement for any reason. This means that you can get the latest smartphones when you want them, as they come.

I don’t know how successful the “fourth cowboy” will be, but Magenta is on her way to starting a smartphone revolution. When will you join her?