The Firefox 15 Aurora Now Up for Download

MOZILLA Non-profit, for the good of the web. A bold statement coming from a brand that continually develops and creates innovations in web browsing. If you’re an Aurora Channel user, then this new innovation from Mozilla will be interesting for you.

Last March 2012, Mozilla made Firefox Aurora available for download and testing. The Aurora Firefox at its early stages included the new tab, which showed the user’s recently and most frequented websites. It’s a redesigned home page with a central location where users can access their Bookmarks, History, Settings, Add-ons, Downloads and Sync Preferences. Hence, the toolbar completes the URL’s you type them.

The Firefox Aurora, will definitely speak your language, as the slogan goes. It can be downloaded in several languages and in different OS platforms. The browser enables users to view their websites in several standard resolutions and sizes. With development of Firefox Aurora, comes the background updates feature; a feature similar to Chrome’s.

Literally, updates are installed in the background without disturbing the user. Updates are automatically installed, unlike before when Firefox waits for the user to update the browser. The down side to this feature is that users don’t have a say in installing updates unto the browser.

With all the newest features, it also has its share of a few kinks here and there. Some known issues that have to be addressed include: gif animations get stuck when resized, starting a locked profile causing the Firefox to crash, for some users scrolling the Gmail main window will be slower than usual and for Windows: The use of Microsoft’s System Restore functionality shortly after updating Firefox may prevent future updates.

For all you Firefox users, give this Firefox Aurora a test run. For an application that has always been free to all users, Mozilla has truly amped the ante for web browsing capabilities.