The Evolution of Samsung and Android

When thinking about Android and manufacturers many think HTC and the G1 first and the Motorola Droid second. Why, because Google’s Open Source operating platform originally rolled out on the G1. In fact, prior to the Nexus One, everyone was calling the G1 the “Google Phone” The “G” was for Google right?

The next biggest hoopla was surrounding the Motorola Droid, and who couldn’t talk about it, and several other sources reported that Verizon Wireless spent $100 Million dollars on the “Droid” ad campaign.

Soon after the Droid launch we started hearing from all the other hardware manufacturers. LG was going to dive into Android. Dell was working on a phone and a revolutionary new device.  Then rumors began circulating about Apple’s new magical invention, the Ipad, and then anyone who could solder two wires together thought they were onto the “Ipad Killer”

It didn’t take long for Samsung, the #1 seller of mobile phones in the country, to start producing Android devices.  Often times when talking about Android being a franchise for a manufacturer all the talk is about Motorola and their Droid line, however Samsung has done a hefty job of comitting to Android and following through with quality Android devices. It’s no wonder that in March of this year Kim Titus, Direct of Public Relations, for Samsung Mobile, said they were on their way to creating the best smartphone ever.

Samsung started in the Android field in September of 2009 when they announced that the Samsung Moment would come to Sprint. With an 800mhz processor and an AMOLED screen the Moment was no “little thing” it provided crisp clear colors in it’s great display and fast screen changes and the ability to multi-task using the Android platform.  The Samsung Moment also incorporated a slide out qwerty keyboard, camera and custom Sprint Android applications. As charter members of the Open Handset Alliance, the Samsung Moment provided the ability to run tens of thousands of apps from the Android market or other sources online.  Also keeping in the guise of the Open Handset Alliance, The Samsung Moment could charge on any mini-usb charger home or car.  Of course we all know about the battery life before the 1st update but that was quickly handled by the team at Samsung and Sprint.  The only drawback with the Samsung moment was that they kept their users thirsty for an Android 2.1 update for quite a long time, however in retrospect, updates for every manufacturer and every carrier have been marred by delays.

When Samsung rolled the Moment out to Sprint Omar Kahn, Chief Strategy Officer for Samsung said ““The launch of Samsung Moment is an exciting realization of our commitment to providing open, powerful and versatile devices” and that’ s what Samsung has consistently done through their involvement with Android.

In the midst of the Samsung Moment’s roll out Samsung was working on the Behold II, the second generation to their Behold device on T-Mobile, and to much amazement it was rolling out with Android.  The Behold II expanded on the success of the Behold I offering access to the Android Market, clear multi-tasking, a 3.2 Inch AMOLED Screen, 5mp camera and 528mhz processor all in a touch-screen only phone.  It also offered “Touch Wiz” Samsung’s custom user interface with the “box”

The Behold II had a lot of success with new Android users who were looking for something different or had heard about the new “Android” platform and wanted to try it.  Android enthusiasts and developers didn’t share the same enthusiasm for Behold II but it certainly wasnt the “backflip”

So after Samsung’s initial soiree into the Green world of Android, when Kim Titus said last March that Samsung was preparing the greatest Android and Smarphone at all time, that was a TALL order to fill. When President of Samsung Mobile J.K. Shin stood in front of the media on June 29, 2010 and echoed that same message saying that in an era that technology makes phones smart, Samsung’s technology makes them Brilliant.  Shin added that “The race for the best smartphone has just started and Samsung was already at the finish line”.

Although JK Shin is the President of Samsung Mobile, Omar Kahn and his charismatic nature, is the Samsung equivelant to Sanjay Jah at Motorola, and through the launch of the Galaxy S Variants Kahn continues to preach the word of the Samsung Galaxy Gospel. Samsung Mobile wanted the entire world and the entire country to see the brilliance of the Galaxy S Line, and to accomplish this they rolled at a variant to all 4 major US Carriers in the AT&T Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant, Verizon Fascinate, and the godfather of the Galaxy S Mafia, the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G. The Samsung Galaxy S Series is also coming to regional US Carriers US Cellular and Cellular South.  All of the Galaxy S handsets feature 1ghz Hummingbird processors, SuperAMOLED displays, 6 Axis motion sensing freedom, the best 3d graphics offered in an android device and DIvx Support.  Originally scheduled for release a week later, The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant was the first Galaxy S Phone to hit the United States.

The Samsung Captivate on AT&T was the second of the Galaxy S Line to make it to the US

Unboxing the Samsung Captivate

And then the Godfather of the Samsung Galaxy S Line, was announced for release on Sprint August 31 2010

Is the Samsung Galaxy S Line worthy of all the hype. YES! In fact when I get in situations where I can only carry one phone it’s a Galaxy S Series phone.

While it’s been full steam ahead with the Galaxy S Line Samsung knows it’s markets well and realizes that not everyone needs the super-phone, that’s why in July Samsung Mobile introduced the Samsung Intercept on Sprint and the Acclaim on US Cellular. Both of these Android phones are far from “Low End” and definitely mid-range winners. Both handsets feature a HVGA touch screens, Slide out qwerty keyboards and Android 2.1. The Samsung Intercept was also the first Android phone offered in Pink. There is definitely a market for mid-range Android devices which serve as a great stepping stone from a flip or feature phone to the world of smartphones and Android.

But alas like the late great Billy Mays.. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

The Samsung Galaxy S Line wasn’t complete with just 6 powerhouse Android phones. Samsung has announced that they are goning to offer the Samsung Galaxy S Tab. This 7″ tablet features Android 2.2, Full video calls, Augmented reality, true web browsing and more. Could this be the Ipad Killer? Although I hate the term anything Killer, this could be the tablet that I’ve been looking for after testing about a dozen not sub $200 Android Tablets, Sub-PAR android tablets.

We are looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Tab Launch Party at IFA, which is happening next week. We will have liveblogging coverage along with videos, photos and exclusive interviews with top Samsung Mobile Executives so make sure you have  and saved in your bookmarks for this Epic event. My only drawback to this launch is that Ashley and Tracy won’t be there.

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  1. Now and then I’ll stumble across a post like this and I’ll recall that there really are still interesting pages on the web. ^_^. Thanks.

  2. Now and then I’ll stumble across a post like this and I’ll recall that there really are still interesting pages on the web. ^_^. Thanks.

  3. Now and then I’ll stumble across a post like this and I’ll recall that there really are still interesting pages on the web. ^_^. Thanks.

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