The Drop Box Killer Is Almost Here (CE Week NY Coverage 2011)

We took a press briefing with the great people at WYSE the day after Google IO ended back in San Francisco.  They wanted to show off some of the really cool things that they were working on for the next version of PocketCloud, the best, bar none, remote desktop for Android.

Shortly after that meeting, we tweeted that the “Drop Box Killer” was on the way.  Many people thought we were talking about competitors or sugarsync. Nope, we were talking about PocketCloud. It is one of the many Dropbox alternative options available today.

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While we are still a number of weeks away from a late summer release, PocketCloud allowed us to video the feature that we think will change the way cloud storage is thought of, at least when transferring from Android device to computer.  The next release of PocketCloud will allow file sharing across any computers, phones and tablets in your PocketCloud network.

This may not sound as big as we are portraying it to be, so let’s explain further.  Currently with Drop Box, or Sugar Sync you can only share the files that you designate for specific sharing with one of those services.  In other words, if you haven’t used Drop Box, you need to add files to your Drop Box folder and those are the ONLY files you can access via Drop Box.  This new feature coming to Pocket Cloud allows you access to any file on your host computers hard drive, or any other hard drive in your PocketCloud network.

What do we mean by PocketCloud network? Well PocketCloud uses Google Apps authentication to log on to the service. Any computer or device that you add to your pocketcloud with your Google ID is accessible via PocketCloud.

Here at TheDroidGuy we will be using a specific Google Apps account, across all of our staff so we can share files, back and forth at events for editing, processing, writing etc.

Pocket Cloud is $14 in the Android Market however with access to everything on all of the hard drives in your network it gives you a lot more leeway than the gb cap that Drop Box offers, depending on the plan you have.

4 Replies to “The Drop Box Killer Is Almost Here (CE Week NY Coverage 2011)”

  1. I really don’t see this as a dropbox killer, as stated by mike marano and webdevvie, full access isnt necessarily the best thing.  
      I prefer that I can only sync one folder and pick/choose the folders inside that so i can seperate work from personal and only keep work related on the work pc. 
     Free is definitly better, I do forsee myself paying for dropbox in the near future however and this may have me hold off until later in the summer now just to keep my option open before comitting to a year.
     ios/mac/windows/android, no linux support is a deal breaker and definitly makes it *not* a dropbox killer.

    Also Dropbox devs have also been great on android, getting very fast response with issues and suggestions about adding features; the feature came about a month later in beta that I was emailed by the same dev, alerting me that the feature was added.  I know that option at the time back then was requested by many other people, so to get that personal attention as a non-paying customer (even if I was added to a list to alert me via email); dropbox has built a strong loyalty in me to them for that exact reason.  I forsee it taking quite a bit to sway me from them at this point, but as I said, I will keep my options open because something can and I’m sure will arrive.

  2. >Fullgood< thing? PocketCloud has a hacker bullseye on its back already. DropBox has its security problems, but giving full access to my computers isn't one of them, yet.

    Thanks, but I think I'll pass.

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