The Dark Knight Rises Review

Available For: Android, iOS

Price: $6.99

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The Dark Knight Rises is what I would deem to be an okay game. How Gameloft managed to pull off some wicked graphics (granted, there are some odd textures) and a really nice storyline to go with it beats me. It’s always surprised me that dev studios are able to do this with simple tablets and small screen smartphones. Technology is always getting better, and with the power of the Tegra 3, there is no doubt that the processing power is there, it’s just rather surprising when a dev studio manages to invest that much time in graphics for a mobile game that might be played for an hour or two. Still, props to Gameloft for the extraordinary graphics in this specific title.

Now, the graphics and long storyline are great, but the clunky and awkward controls really ruin the game. Not to mention that they are extremely boring controls too. You don’t die in this game, and for one reason. Simply tapping the basic attack over and over again will ensure you a victory. There is little no skill required, as there are counter-attack abilities, but those rarely happen. For the most part, you will be using your basic attack, which again, ensures that you win each confrontation with gang members around Gotham.

The Dark Knight Rises is better off played with a controller via Bluetooth, or some other means of connecting it to your tablet and/or phone. While the controls are very simple, using a controller will give you more free reign over what your character does. Playing it with touch mechanics is just awkward and does not feel right compared to other titles. With that said, a controller is highly suggested.

One of the better things about The Dark Knight Rises is the storyline and graphics. The graphics are enjoyable because (despite a few texture issues) Gameloft has managed to transfer the gritty feel of Gotham City into The Dark Knight Rises mobile game. This in itself explains why the file size is a whopping 2GBs of storage. Still, I didn’t think this game was entirely worth the $6.99 that Gameloft was asking for, so I managed to get the game for 25 cents during the Google Play sale this past week. I’d say this game is worth it if you are looking to spend $2 – $3, but not an entire $7. The Dark Knight Rises has its flaws, but the storyline is where things really begin to get good.

Never before have I seen a mobile game have such a long and intriguing campaign. This was literally thebest part of the entire game, and totally helped me forget about all of the boring controls. I should also mention that playing around in bat vehicles also helped with that, as the mechanics for flying around in the sky was really well done.

With all of that said, I conclude by saying that this was an okay title. It’s not something to tout about, but it is an okay title, nothing more.

At the time of this writing you can pick up The Dark Knight Rises off of both Google Play and iOS for $7.